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Who we are


Brothers Alex and Rafa Mahave are the founding partners and promotors of the Yump project. In 1997, Alex and Rafa founded ThinkSmart – a leading consultancy in Spain in the development and implementation of motivational, training, incentives and performance improvement programmes for the employees and salesforce of the country’s leading companies and multinationals.

In 2009, when the company already had a structure made up of over 150 employees, the Mahave brothers decided to apply their know-how and experience to undertake a new and ambitious business venture: Yump. This time, it was aimed at performance improvement much more widely, not just for businesses (B2B) but individuals as well (B2C)

Rafael Mahave

Co-Founder & CEO

Rafael is Senior Industrial Engineer at ICAI School of Engineering (Universidad Pontificia Comillas). He gained extensive experience in investment banking before founding the company ThinkSmart with his brother. Rafael is also an International Certified Coach

Álex Mahave

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex is a Law graduate from the Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, with a Masters from IE Business School and ICADE.

He is also an International Certified Coach


Advisory Board